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Here are reference guides that may be used during camp sessions. The first 2 ZIP files are a complete list of Las Posadas wildlife,plants, trees and more. Following the ZIP files you will have titled individual references for your use.

References 1 - ZIP    
References 2 - ZIP    
4-H Reptiles Las Posadas   4-H Camp development history
4-H Shrubs Las Posadas   4-H environ science booklet
4-H Transition Trail   4-H Fire history Las Posadas
4-H tree rings   4-H Fishes Moore Creek Las Posadas
4-H web of life   4-H Flowers Las Posadas
4-H what is a tree   4-H Food in the Forest
4-H Camp-Fungi Guide   4-H Geo and soil Las Posadas
4-H Camp-NativePlant Guide   4-H High Chaparral
4-H Camp-Wildlife Guide   4-H Hike activities Las Posadas
    4-H Hiking Short Course Booklet
Las Posadas Camp History-Conservation Guide   4-H Indians Las Posadas
LP State Forest Cultural Resourses Inventory   4-H Insects Las Posadas
    4-H Las Posadas environ activity
Wappo Indians of Napa County   4-H Madobie Dog Nature Trail
    4-H Metcalf Nature trail
4-H Animal Las Posadas   4-H Nature Games for Campers
4-H Birds Las Posadas   4-H Pioneers Las Posadas
4H Botany curriculum 2020 spring    
4-H Camp Advis STEM book