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Resident Camp - Las Pasados


June 22-27, 2008

4-H Camp Flag Ceremony
4-H Camp Flag Ceremony
4-H is the non-formal education program sponsored for all youth in Kindergarden to 19 years of age by the University of California Cooperative Extension in cooperation with the U. S. Department of Agriculture and Sacramento County.

What is 4-H Camp? Sacramento County 4-H Summer Camp is one of the highlights of the 4-H year. It is held in the beautiful Las Posadas State Forest in Angwin. The camp planning is done by the Camp Staff and Camp Board. The Camp activities are directed by the youth all week long. Campers are divided into tribes with two staff members as leaders. Tribes meet every day to plan skits, hike, play sports, and have fun. Being in a tribe allows campers to meet people and make life-long friendships. You must be at least 9 years old to attend 4-H Camp.



4-H Camp Crafts & Friends
4-H Camp Crafts & Friends
What is it like at Las Posadas? 4-H Camp has a woody atmosphere. There are lots of Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, and many other varieties of trees soaring above the campground. Campers sleep under the stars on raised wooden platforms within separate fenced boys' and girls' areas. Often campers are awakened early by a rustle in the bushes from a mother deer or birds singing in the trees. Each camp area has bathrooms and showers with hot and cold running water. Food is served in a covered dining area from an indoor kitchen. The food is prepared by experienced cooks. We have a Nurse on the grounds at all times throughout the week.

What makes 4-H Camp unique? 4-H Camp is filled with history! The Wapoo Indians once roamed the area and you can still see where they used to grind their meal near the creek. On a nearby knoll is the pioneer graveyard of the Morris Family, original settlers of the land where the Camp is located. Raccoon, deer, and rabbit scamper through the underbrush in and around the creek and campgrounds. Daily nature programs cover bugs, trees, animals, stars, and the creek.

4-H Camp at the Swimming Pool
4-H Camp at the Swimming Pool
What can I do at 4-H Camp? There are always things to do at Camp. Everyday there is Red Cross Certified supervision at the pool. The water Olympics and the Crazy Track Meet are favorite events. There are daily hikes to the apple orchard, graveyard, spring, and to other trails. Arts and crafts projects go on all week. Sports are offered daily, such as vollyball, softball, basketball, and now a ropes course.

Limited camperships are available for individuals who demonstrate financial need on a "first come, first serve" basis. Contact the 4-H Office at (916) 875-6811 for details.



Sacramento County 4-H Office

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4145 Branch Center Road

Sacramento, CA 95827

(916) 875-6811